About Me


I will PRAISE thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvelous in thy works; and that my soul knoweth well. – Psmals 139:14


My name is Donna, I was named by my maternal Grandma ( Rest In Sweet Peace Grandma) and growing up I absolutely hated my name, however I have learnt to accept it and love it because its the one thing I’ll always have from my Grandma.

I recently lost my Dad to ALS and it was a long hard journey for my entire family. He was bed ridden for years and fought longer then any doctor predicted. I was 14, he was 44 and I feared that I would come home and he was wouldn’t be breathing.

This among many other things brought me into a place of darkness, I am clinical diagnosed with Depression and General Anxiety and its been a struggle but I’m learning.

Anyways, I write because I have a hard time talking about whats bothering me in person. Writing has always been a way for me to release stress and emotions. I usually write about my dad, or about something that bothers me. A lot of mental health related stuff..

Oh I also have PCOS.

Anyways! Thanks for coming by and I hope you will check back soon

Donna xox