Okay, Canada.


Canada, Land of the free.canadian_flag_for_jack_and_dimitry_by_russiangentleman-d62bfbl

I have a bone to pick with you.

You seem to be rolling in money, money that’s used to treat Heroin addiction, to give assistance to drug addicts, to reverse overdoses from opioids. And yet you are unable to keep housing, groceries and gas prices down.

This is my issue:

If I pick up a needle and inject myself with poison I would be sent to the psych ward in the nearest hospital for observation and be prescribed a tranquilizer to stabilize my mood. Because I attempted suicide I’d be classified as high-risk and be forced to attend weekly counselling sessions but you would not hand me my medication over for free, and you would not provide funding because working would “help me”. If I couldn’t find affordable housing and ended up living in a motel your government wouldn’t help, or if my income, which may be only 2 dollars above the “low income” cut off, wasn’t enough to feed my family and pay for my gas I’d be told to get another job.

bo_morphine_free_0However. If I injected heroin and sold my body to pay for a drug that is no different then poison, and ended up overdosing on the street, the tax payers money would provide funding for the medication I need to reverse my overdose. And if I told you I needed shelter cause I got knocked up and I’m addicted to drugs I have 100’s of options of housing, none of which requires any damage deposits, references or endless searching. If my welfare cheque was used to buy a new phone, or get my nails done and I needed money for food, I’d be handed gift cards or a cheque plus be able to visit the food bank.

So, we reward those people who are on the streets killing themselves, but make those who are killing themselves at work nickled and dimed for every cent they have.

Why Canada?

Why are we enabling an entire population of drug addicts?

Maybe I’m heartless, and maybe I’m just being judgmental but I think we should let those people, the people who are injecting drugs into their veins, who are smoking drugs that make their reality different and who are taking licit and illicit non prescribed pills for “fun”, die. They shouldn’t get 100 chances to change, they should not be handed free money. We should not implement programs to offer free heroin to addicts, or methadone replacement therapy. We should let the people who are killing themselves die and save the money for the men and women who are sick with diseases they have NO control over. Or the people who need the assistance for real reasons.

We need to invest in mental health programs not addiction programs, we need to heal our society, not make drugs easier to get.

So, Canada.

Lets work on the mental health of young people. Invest in safe places people can go to, free services for everyone, promote cultural healing. We have so many options, why would we use our resources on enabling addicts. If we heal the person we could heal so much of whats wrong with society. Without drug addicts there’d be no gangs, no drive by shootings, no senseless murders; without drug addicts drug dealers would have no choice but to stop selling and making drugs. Our streets would still be safe, kids could still be kids, life would go back to the way it was before substances broke our entire world.

Lets embrace life again, lets live in a way that makes the creator proud. Lets heal our minds, our childrens minds, our mother earth.


2 thoughts on “Okay, Canada.

  1. I question your assumption that drug addicts are the sole cause of gangs, drive-by shootings and senseless murders – even if you include alcohol as ‘a drug.’
    Young, and not so young, males – and females – would still feel the need to prove their superiority. I’m sure though, that the numbers would reduce greatly.
    Other than that, this is a great article. Let’s help those who need and ask for help, not those who waste themselves, and Government resources that could help others. 🙂


    • Valuable point.
      I guess I’m just looking at it in the aspect of drug dealing gangs. 90% of gang activity in my city is because of drugs. Rival gangs are shooting each other simply because they dealt drugs on the wrong side of the street. The family aspect and superiority that most gang members feel worldwide isn’t the motivation for a lot of these young people, it’s the money. It’s the fast cars, brand name clothing and jewelry that motivates the younger members to join & this money is from selling drugs. It’s from the junkies on the streets that make going to a park unsafe because you don’t know if your child is going to find a used needle or condom or if there’s gonna be a drug addict high as a kite running around frightening children, or passed out under a tree. It’s because of the men and women who sit at the train stations with their shopping carts filled with junk begging for money cause their “hungry”.
      Maybe it’s just here, but every gangster I’ve ever known has done it because they can make a g a day and live like kings without having to work a 9-5.


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