Search not for the perfect person, not for the person who ignites the heated passion of lust. Do not seek the flawless, do not wish upon a star for someone that will calm your inner demons.

Instead, pursue the flawed; open your heart to the possibility that your forever isn’t societies idea of perfect. Allow your demons to meet theirs, embrace the imperfect, the broken and those who need love just as much as you do. Because we are all just cells and water and flesh and bone, we are muscles and organs and we feel pain. We are human we aren’t perfect, we will never be. We are flawed and broken and searching for something that will soothe and calm our worried minds and broken hearts.


Love isn’t suppose to be forced, stressful or made based on your physical attraction to each other; yet here we are focused more on the beauty of those around us that we do not notice the inner beauty, the kind souls, the kind of things that time can’t steal; the kind of things were to shallow to see. I am just as faulted as anyone in this, I search for perfection, for a certain race, look and height. The sad reality is that my “perfect guy” in looks is not the perfect personality, is not the soul that feels like home, not my forever. 

Perhaps, that is why I’m single. I am actively pursuing those that looks perfect rather then the men who’s souls match with mine. 


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