Before you were conceived you were loved

Dear Future Babies

I know this is weird, a random old post from before you were conceived but I dream of you everyday. I can’t wait to watch you grow up, learn and explore with you, see the world the way you do. I can’t wait for the grey hairs, the sleepless nights or the feisty attitude I know you’ll have. 

I’m sorry that I am not perfect and that I get fustrated at you sometimes and scream and yell, at these times I hope you know that I still love you more then you’ll ever know I’m just overwhelmed or scared. I hope your daddy is still around, that you have him wrapped around your finger and he’s your bestfriend, even though I’ll be jealous that I’m not. I hope he shows you how a woman is suppose to be treated and he’s more of a role model then a bad influence, that his faults don’t make you hate him but love him more because you understand he’s learning too. 

I wish you will never suffer from depression in silence or have to battle your demons alone, and that you know no matter how many things I have to do or how busy I may seem you are my first priority and if you need me I’m always there. Please never be afraid to tell me anything. I promise to never violate your privacy by reading your diary or messages, I know peer pressure and adolescence is a hard, confusing and scary time in your life and you need to make mistakes to grow; however I will try to protect you from this chaotic world as long as possible. I hope you never hurt another person intentionally, that you stay committed to one person and cherish their heart as if it was your own. I hope you stay away from drugs and alcohol as long as possible and keep your innocence until your older. 

But most of all I hope you are happy, healthy and know that I love you now and forever. 

Love your momma xox


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