Here’s a question Mrs Pro choice, if a piece of paper fell into a box does it become a part of the box? If micro organisms are considered life on other planets how is a unborn baby with a heart beat considered a clump of cells? If I parked my car in my friends drive way, would she have the right to make changes to my car just because it on her property? Would this debate on Pro-choice VS Pro-life still be around if we taught youth the basic’s of the human body starting young? If we gave teenagers in depth sexual education?

I am 100% Pro-Life, and I’m not afraid to admit that, I post anti-abortion pictures on instagram and I am not ashamed. I believe all lives matter black or white,
born or unborn we all deserve the right to our own bodies, even while growing in someone else’s. This baby was conceived, created and loved by god before you even realized is was there. There is always a reason something happens; planned or not that baby was sent to you for a reason. Aborting a baby because of a “health issue” is as disgusting as murdering a baby because they are sick. Human Babies can begin to feel pain as early as 7.5 weeks gestation  this is around the time a lot of women realize they are pregnant. The photo here shows human babies at 7.5 weeks, 9 weeks 12 weeks, 16 weeks, and 24 weeks all in which are legal to kill in Canada. As you can CLEARLY see they all have two tiny legs, two tiny arms and tiny little facial features. The very top photo is a baby born at 24 weeks; tiny but very much alive and human. I see no clump of cells or something that is disposable. I cannot stand looking at abortion pictures, so all these pictures are of miscarried and premature babies, however I’ve seen many pictures of aborted babies and I can’t even fathom the idea of it. The torn apart limbs, the lifeless tiny body, the life that was taken, the things he’ll never be. It just breaks my heart.

I understand that mistakes happen and that our system is already full of babies that have no homes, no families and end up in a bad place simply because their parents weren’t ready or didn’t want to be a mom but killing an infant isn’t the answer. We need to address the problem, the real problem; the lack of sexual education taught in schools. I barley remember our sex ed from high-school but I know it wasn’t in depth or even explanatory enough to debunk those stupid myths “You can’t pregnant when your on top” “hymens pop like a balloon and you bleed, A LOT” to name a few. A naive teenager will listen to their friend`s insane theories, they use shrink wrap as a condom, and they`ll believe that if they use the pull out method they will be fine. The truth is you can get pregnant in any position semen can live inside a body for up to a week, meaning even if you don`t think your ovulating or if you have sex in space if its meant to be, you will conceive. Hymen`s don`t always break, it is not a shield that covers that opening of the vagina, and some girl`s hymen`s never break. Pre-cum can contain sperm, and you can get pregnant by this. Nothing is completely safe and expecting a hormone crazed teenager to sustain from a normal human urge is like asking a dog not to clean itself in public, so that isn`t an option anymore. We live in a world that is full of sex, half naked men and women plastered on the front of magazines, billboard signs and of course television and music videos. What would help is if children and teenagers were taught proper sexual health education, a place where they can ask questions, get protection and understand not only their body but the opposite sex`s body as well. Not teaching or talking about sex doesn`t stop them, just like showing them how to properly put on a condom is not going to encourage pre-marital sex.

If we took care of this problem, taught people how to keep themselves safe and educated about their sexual well being and how to properly use condoms, spermicide, plan B and birth control we wouldn`t have so many unplanned babies, so many abortions, so many poor families, single moms and kids that end up raising themselves. Imagine how much money the government would save if they came out of the 1900`s and talked about the most human thing a person could do.

Being pro-life doesn`t mean I am ignorant, or that I do not understand that a person has rights, or that I think all women should just have babies, clean the house and be a maid for their family; but if you make the choice to be irresponsible you should be prepared to pull your big girl panties on and fight like hell to give you unborn baby a chance at life, whether it is with you, or a couple that cannot have kids.

But what about babies conceived out of RAPE

Being a victim of sexual assault I know that we aren`t always comfortable talking about what happened, but rape is a serious matter. Pregnancy should be the least of your worries and you should head to an hospital as soon as possible to get STI and HIV tests as well as Plan B, you can choose to do blood test instead of vaginal swabbing if you are uncomfortable with anyone touching you. That`s another reason we need to start teaching the next generation on boundaries and make sex not such a taboo topic, people do not realize that by hiding the normality of sex is actually causing more harm then good. A woman who embraces her sexuality is shamed and judged on her clothes, actions and life. If she wears a skirt that is short, a shirt that`s low or dark make up they are told they are “asking for it”. Let me tell you something, no one asks to be raped or sexually assulted, no one wants to carry that around, the dirty feeling, the self hate; no one wants that. By teaching boys to respect a woman you will teach them that they do not have a right to a woman’s body no matter what she wears or looks like.

It’s her body and her choice, if shes content with her decision it’s not your problem

Wrong-o neighboureeno.

The womb the baby is living in is the mothers, but the body inside the womb is NOT hers, It is not her’s to kill or hurt or make decisions for. She allowed a man to ejaculate inside of her, that was her choice. She was irresponsible and didn’t use emergency contraception the morning after, that was her choice. She waited until the baby formed into a baby to decide she wasn’t ready, which again, was her choice. Her choices brought her to the family planning aisle, her choices lead her to the place she ended up. Do you trust her choice? I don’t. If she can’t choose the right things for herself in the moment, like condoms and plan b, then she shouldn’t have control over something that never asked to be born in the first place. God doesn’t grant miracles everyday and you should feel blessed to be trusted with a baby, some of us aren’t lucky enough to have kids. Her choice to terminate her pregnancy, hurts not only herself but her family and friends, her partner, his family and the doctors and nurses that have to live with the unpleasant and heart wrenching memories that haunt them because that tiny baby is now bits and pieces in a surgical vacuum.  Her choice hurt a dozen people, is it still not our problem? Also, she may believe she is content with the decision she made, but it will big her later on. My mom had an abortion thirty years ago and it hurts her to talk about to this day.

Everyone is going to do what’s right for them, and without change we are never going to be able to stop the innocent murdering or unborn infants. This starts with changing the way people look at sex ed, the way parents react to innocent questions. We cannot expect the world to agree on something as important as a women’s right to abort an unwanted baby, but I hope in time that choice isn’t as needed, that we learn to protect ourselves because we have to revert to this.

I am Donna, and I am pro-life.


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