Hands up, Who made a New years resolution this year?

It’s a common tradition that we aim to change who and what we are when a new year starts, we make all kinda of promises to ourselves; Quit smoking, diet, work out, get organized, save money ect ect. But how often do we fall back into our normal habits after the novelty of the season ends? More often then not we fail to achieve these unrealistic expectations we place on ourselves. I say unrealistic because we are not a species that adapts to change well, most of us anyways. We give ourselves all these expectations and tear ourselves apart until we get them all done, all at once and if that isn’t a recipe for disaster then I don’t know what it.

Expectations ruin – whether you end that with relationships, situations or just life. Expectations are responsible for a lot of people falling into the evil hands anxiety, depression and self-wallowing. Why do we start a new year making promises that will just make us disappointed in ourselves if we do not get to where we think we will. I am the queen of expectations. I have lived in a world of “This is has to happen” for so long that I am unable to live in a world without expectations.

That’s my resolution for 2016, to have less expectations. That is kind of an oxymoron but I need to stop going into situations expecting something to happen that never will.

xoxoxo Donna 



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