In the process of finding myself.. 

My family moved to Canada less then 70 years ago, which seems like a long time but really Im only 2nd generation Canadian and in that sense we’re pretty new. My grandma was born in California where she lived until they moved to Canada in 1938. My great grandparents, grandma, great aunt and uncle never became citizens of Canada and so my mom, uncles, second cousins and so forth are all children of immigrants. 
I was raised very close to both my great grandma and grandma on my moms side, I’ve picked up a slightly southern accent and never understood why a person from Califonia would have a southern drawl. To my surprise I found out my great grandmother is originally from Kansas (no wonder I love The Wizard of Oz)

This is my great grandma’s tree, my great grandfathers cut off after his father, who arrived to America from Ireland in the 1800’s. What surprised me even more was that there are pictures of men that look so similar to my immediate family. 


my dad and mom at a childrens 4×4 toy run

I have traced my maternal grandmothers family line all the way back to 1612 and I’ve discovered many dead ends and undisclosed information. 

I also researched some of my dads lineage. Again immigrated to Canada from the United States, Iowa to be exact, on my dads mothers side. Her mother’s family is from England and her father’s family is American. Other then that I haven’t found much. 

 Nor had I really wanted to because of a tormented relationship I have with that side of the family. However I was extremely intrigued  when I came across a picture of my 2X’s great grandma on my dads grandfather side. 

The older woman looks a lot like my sister and father while the younger girl has a forehead and hair similar to mine. 

my natural hair


my dad and sister (her hair is naturally straight)

I have a lot of dead ends on both sides, mostly due to little or no information about the fathers on both my mom and dads sides so I’m still awaiting the results of my individual DNA test through ancestry. I think it’ll help me identify with myself better. Not knowing my ethnicity had bothered me for way to long. 

In 2-4 weeks I should have the results. So I’ll blog about that when I have the information! 


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