Kinda angry today PT.2

You just need to move somewhere with a bunch of religious people, they’ll have the same mind set

– my mom. 
Having morals doesn’t mean you have to be religious. Being religious doesn’t mean you have morals. 

The most talked about religious family; the duggars, have preached and praised God on TV for years only for their son to be exposed as not only an adulteress but as someone who sexually assaulted his sisters and a family friend. People that believe in God, people in my own family that attend church, have less strict morals then I do and I haven’t attended a church service in over a decade. 

I’m not saying I don’t believe in something, some bible verses do provide me with comfort especially lately, but I don’t believe to be holier then thou, I don’t think the morals I have are unreasonable. 

Women shouldn’t sleep around, parents of young children shouldn’t do drugs recreationally, and people who abuse drugs don’t deserve the care and attention they get. I understand we are all humans, we have needs, but every man you meet doesn’t need to meet your vagina ladies. A man that doesn’t respect you enough to wait isn’t a man that deserves to be inside you. As rude as that sounds we need to protect our bodies, the way we are built we literally let someone put a part of their body inside of ours. Shouldn’t we know, trust and feel respected before allowing a man that type of privilege? Men should respect themselves too, they need to know that a woman that gives it up easy gives it to many other guys. That a part of your body will be inside a woman that has been with more guys then years she’s been alive. 

Even with HIV and AIDS being “treatable” now why would you want to chance it? Why would you want to have to get sti/std tests multiple times within your life? Why has it become the norm to have 1-5 children with different partners? That isn’t how I believe life should be lived. I’m not saying be like the duggars, no touching until marriage but we need to pace ourselves; teach our sons and daughters to respect themselves and their partners to wait until they’re both emotionally ready. 

Recently in my city a spike of fentanyl over doses have occurred because dealers have been cutting/lacing street drugs with it. Although I do feel for the families that lost their loved ones I do not believe the people that lost their lives deserve the sympathy or attention they are getting. They injected, smoked, popped or snorted the drug no one forced them to do it. Why would you put something your body that comes from someone you don’t know. 

My biggest thing is why don’t we respect our bodies enough to NOT put things the came from or belong to people we barely know.

Why is a person that overdosed on a street drug important enough to publicly mourn? We have so many more important things we should be focusing on. In my city especially, drug addicts and homeless people are encouraged to use the resources available which varies from shelters to needle exchanges yet they still chose to live on the streets, in the bush, because they do not like rules. 

And before I get ANY hate two of my uncles are addicted to hard drugs and live on the streets and no matter what we do for them they won’t take help. 

My best friends house got trashed by a girl addicted to herion, which he did not know, that was renting a room in his and his roommates house. They lost everything including hunting rifles, personal information and cheque books. Yet this girl gets unsupervised visits with her son, lives off welfare and still scams good people. 

These people do not deserve sympathy, they do not deserve media attention. 

Can we PLEASE start respecting ourselves, reporting good news, giving attention to people who deserve it. 


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