I’m a female, but not a feminist. Kinda angry today PT.1

I believe in gender roles, a man should be the one to work, make money and be the “stern” parent. I believe a man should be paid more, that certain jobs should be done by men. I believe women should cook, clean and take care of the children. If they choose to be career women they should take on jobs such as teaching, nursing or office work. 

I am not saying we’re less then men, but most men are not as good as being nurturing as females and Females usually are not as strong, physically, as men. 

I’m not endorsing women to have no dreams, no ambitions. But I don’t think children should be pawned off on other family members or random people in the community. I don’t think a woman should put her career before her children, or that a man shouldn’t work. 

The idea of being at home all day with my children is a dream come true to me. Keeping my children happy, clean and fed real food means more to me than bringing in a taxable income. And yes I understand that having a man that works enough to take care of a family is a challenge and that it gives them more opportunities to seek comfort in other women, but if he is truly happy he won’t cheat, and if he’s not man enough to tell you he’s unhappy then he’s not worth the sorrow. 

I often wish I was born in another time, I know my dad wasn’t perfect but he took care of us. My mom stayed home with us and baby sat or extra income. We were comfortable, we were happy and my parents loved each other enough to get through all the temptations and anger. 

My generation is so.. We’re so quick to search for something better we don’t try to make things or relationships better we just get new ones. We are always looking for better, comparing what we have to what we see others have. We are able to make online personas and find new people that think we are perfect. 

Getting a new MK purse is more important to 90% of the people I know then being in a stable relationship or being a good parent. 

The way we live makes my soul hurt. 

My only wish is that we become taking the steps to better our nations.  We need to live like they did in the 30’s-50’s minus the racism and slavery. Women rights, while valuable, haven’t changed anything but the way we raise our children, tend to our families.  Our ancestors fought for the right to vote, equal pay ect, which I know is important, but why did the moral aspect of being a woman disappear when voting was introduced?

We went from modest to wearing clothes that are to tight, to short and to low. How can a woman complain about not being paid as much as a man but will get off work to go twerk at a club while claiming she’s a “bad bitch”? 

Go home. Study, clean your house, keep your legs closed, respect yourself, present yourself as a lady and then you’ll see the difference in how the world; employers, men, your coworkers, your children look at you. 

We are not men, we should not try to justify our behaviors by saying men do it.

If we, as empowered women, conduct ourselves the way our great grandmothers did men wouldn’t have the temptations they do now. Men are intelligent people, but when breasts, vaginas and asses – excuse my language – are constantly thrown in their faces their instincts are to engage in sexual activities. I am in NO way saying that this is okay, especially when rape or molestation occurres, however if a female is engaging in touching, grinding, and encouraging sexual behavior with a strange man they are not helping protect the reputation of women. 

I am not a feminist, i am a female. I am not at the club, calling myself a bad bitch or wearing cloths that exposes every inch of my body. I do not vote, by choice, I clean and I bake. I believe in taking care of your man, and being a good mother. 

I understand most people won’t agree with me, my family members all say I’m weird, but it’s the way I feel. In My head a woman having over 10 sexual partners at 25 is disgusting. 


2 thoughts on “I’m a female, but not a feminist. Kinda angry today PT.1

  1. I love reading your posts because I love the fact that you are clear on your point of view. But I will say this: why do you generalize women in such a way?

    While I am sure that there are women who like to call themselves “bad bitches” and like to twerk and use their sexuality, equally I think there are many women like you who don’t approve and want to be more productive with their time.

    If some of those productive women choose to follow their career goals, are you saying you don’t agree with that either?


    • Not all women are like that, but majority of the people I know that complain about not making as much as men aren’t productive. If a woman chooses to be a career woman I praise them, but I don’t believe their children should have to suffer. You make a choice, a serious choice, to have a child. They did not want to be raised by grandma/auntie/neighbor down the road or some stranger that has a diploma claiming they are capable of “educating” children. A woman should be at home with her children IF she wants to have children. If kids aren’t in her life plan and being a CEO or a brain surgeon then great, but you need to make choices. High paying, long day career type or being a mom. To many kids are latch key kids and that’s how they get in trouble

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