Bestfriends and 1 month

My bestfriend is a male. He’s the one I turn to for everything

He’s more important to me then 90% of the people I share a blood line with. He has seen me at my worse, he’s talked me out of so much. 

Why is it so hard for people to accept the fact that, yes I use to want to date him but that was years ago, we are just friends. Our friendship is 110% more important then any “feelings” we may of had. We’ve gone through so much, we’ve fought, said things that we knew would hurt each other and we’ve grown up together.

I can’t stand how everyone keeps assuming that because we went to see Straight Outta Compton together we are “dating”. We aren’t. 

Trust me when I say our body language didn’t even suggest we were together, I paid for myself, we went as friends. 

It was no different then when I went to 50 shades of grey with one of my girlfriends. Actually – when I went to 50 shades she paid for both our tickets. 

When did it become such a bad thing to have a guy as a best friend? If we could see past the fact that him and I were better as friends why can’t other people? 

We’re so close that we talk about him hooking up with other girls, I bug him about donating his sperm so I can have a baby. I love him the same way I love my family; unconditionally. 

Speaking of which – Straight outta Compton was a really good movie, minus the end when Eazy passed away, which if you think that’s a spoiler your to damn young to watch the movie anyways. What Ice Cube said about having to hear his voice while Eazy was hooked up to the breathing tube broke me completely. 

It was to soon to see someone laying in a hospital bed, dying. 

I miss my dad.. Yesterday marked a month since he left and I was completely out of it.  

I cried so much yesterday, probably the most since it happened. 

I’ll see you again Daddy. I love you so much. 


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