“Social” media

Remember Myspace? Or enternexus? Depending on your age one of those was your first introduction into, what we now call, social media. 

Remember sitting at your computer and logging on to MSN messenger to talk to your crush or best friend. The “status” bar that was usually filled with the initials of the person you were dating, or some message someone posted as a “hack”. We went from showing up to someone’s house to hang out, or calling them on the phone to chatting with them on msn or enternexus or MySpace. We saw our friends less and less in person and more on video chat. I’m only 25 years old and I’ve seen the change that “social” media has brought. 

I use the quotation marks around Social because it’s the complete opposite. We’re not socializing while posting false identities online; we can be whoever we want online, hiding behind a computer, tablet or phone. Our human interaction has diminished so badly that it’s become so uncommon for strangers to engage in conversations. My mom, along with my manager and coworker, all in their fifties can spike up a conversation with just about anyone. They talk on the phone rather then text, they interact with their friends and family in person. 

Ask me, my sister or anyone born between 1986-2002 how they communicate with their friends, most will say through some sort of “social” media. 

But honestly what good has social media done? 

We’ve become mindless; with the “world” in our hands we can become so fascinated with what is presented to us that we fail to realize we are only seeing the good. We only see and read what people want us to see and read. Most people won’t post their martial problems or money problems; they won’t share that their hours have been cut or that their cable was cut off. In this unsocial, egotistical society we live in we, as in the general population, want to brag about what we did/have, we want sympathy, we want the comments and the likes. We want people to think we are “perfect”.

In contrast, there’s also many men and women that post their problems and use Facebook as a diary, or a shrink. They post status complaining, post passive aggressive status and pictures. They crave attention. They complain about everything, brag about everything else. 

The “social” aspect of social media websites has diminished. Socializing isn’t “creeping” someone’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. How can we, as a generation, expect to make the world better when we are glued to our electronics checking social media? How do we expect to be happy with what we have when we constantly see “better”? How can marriages remain holy when it’s so simple to cheat through these websites? 

We need to fix ourselves, our world, so we can raise well adjusted children that won’t feel the need to hide behind a keyboard to talk to people they know. 

Social media has changed our lives so drastically, and picturing the world 20 years from now frightens me and hurts my soul


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