The day you went away..

I know, very well, that we are all just wasting time until we die, until we pass through the gates of heaven to reunit with our love ones. 

It was dads first birthday today, first birthday in heaven; first birthday in 10 years that his body wasn’t fighting against him. He would of been 55 today, not even old enough to retire, but instead he’s up in heaven. I can picture him healthy and well, I can feel him around me, I felt him all day to be honest, and I hope he knows that the day he went away the love we have for him didn’t. 

Yesterday mom, Jen and I all saw doves; it was a rare sighting that we all witnessed together. Ask any one of us how many we saw and the answer would probably be different. I only saw 2; dad and grandma. 

I know he’s surrounded by people we’ve loved and lost, celebrating his birthday in style. 
I miss you so much daddy. And it’s finally hit me that your really gone. Happy birthday, I love you so much ❤️


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